In light of the recent announcements by the CDC and the mandate of our Governor regarding COVID-19, there are four very important points that I need to convey to the congregation.

  1. POSC will be closed for all church events and services until further notice.  We will, however, gather together online for a powerful time of worship and preaching through streaming via FACEBOOK LIVE, which you can access directly on our Facebook page.
    This Live Streaming will start this Sunday at 11AM. If you know of someone who does not have access to our Facebook page, please invite them to join you in your home.
  2. We are asking that this Wednesday, during our normal church time, 7PM, that you gather your family together for a time of prayer.  We will be posting on FACEBOOK and our WEBSITE, as well as sending an email message with specific points of prayer.  Church, it is VITAL that we pray.
  3. As this is a fluid situation, following this initial two weeks recommended isolation period, we will reevaluate based on the most current information, what the future church schedules will look like.
  4. Finally, in order to keep our church ministries stable, we ask that you GIVE ONLINE through our PUSHPAY APP, send in your tithes and offerings via check, or contact the office at 920.467.9090 to set up an appropriate time.  Your weekly giving is VITAL to the continued sustainability of POSC even through these difficult times.

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times. We will be in regular communication with each of you through Facebook, Email messages,, and telephone. Let’s LIVE BY FAITH!